From the list of dates, click on your date that you were baptized.


The page will show all images that were taken that night. These images will appear as small thumbnails, and under each image there will be a file number (IMG_XXXX). If you wish to request an image, it will be that number, and the date of the baptism, that we will be needed to fulfill your request. Please note, WE WILL NEED BOTH IMAGE NUMBER AND DATE to fulfill your request. You may click on the thumbnail and view a larger image.


Feel free to e-mail us at, and we will be happy to send you a jpeg file from the high resolution raw image, for you to print wherever you may choose.

Please Note we started photographing the Baptism in October of 2005.

If the date does not appear in the list Please click on this link

OurFathersEyes Photo Gallery .

The top left there is a search field, you WILL NEED to know the date of the baptism. Such as “June 6, 2010” will be enter as 060610. Click on the thumbnail of your image or images to view a larger preview. Keep in mind, we need the date that the baptism was on, and the file number, without that date and number, we will not be able to locate your images.


Please allow a one to two days for us to send you the image via e-mail.

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